Electronic Bill of Costs

We appreciate that the New Electronic Bill, which came into effect in April 2018, may seem intimidating – not to mention time consuming to complete. That’s why here at Cost Chambers Legal Cost Consultants Limited, we provide a service that does the hard work for you.

We have invested in the key technology and training required in order to ensure our clients receive an unsurpassed level of service when it comes to guiding you through the entire process. We provide:

    • A totally bespoke service tailored to suit your firm’s requirements, accommodating a variety of instructions.
    • The resources to accept instructions electronically, allowing us to offer a nationwide courier service that is free of charge to our clients.
    • Extremely competitive fees and a timely turnaround to suit your specific timeframe.

The Electronic Bill was created to compliment a computerised time recording system that codes items of work. However, we are aware that some clients do not have the resources to invest in the latest time recording software – which is why upon receipt of instructions, we will work through the file and code the work on your behalf before completing the Electronic Bill of Costs.

Cost Chambers Legal Cost Consultants Limited have extensive experience providing Bill of Costs services and providing Bill of Costs consultancy.

    • We provide a timely turnaround time to meet client expectations.
    • We’re able to receive instructions from low value fixed costs to complex multi track cases.
    • Cost Chambers also have experience of preparing Bills of Costs on matters where damages exceed the £1 million mark.
    • We have extensive experience carrying out instructions both for solicitor clients, as well as litigants in person.
    • The ability to receive instructions electronically and also to prepare and submit the bill in electronic form.
    • We provide comprehensive advice when offering the Bill of Costs for endorsement regarding any specific issues that may come up.
    • Bill of Costs can also be provided to the paying party on a formal or courtesy basis.
    • To avoid any unnecessary delays, we will liaise directly with the instructing fee earner in order to capture relevant information from the beginning.
    • We provide an informal costing schedule which can also be converted into a detailed Bill of Costs.
    • Upon receipt of endorsed Bill of Costs Detailed Assessment, proceedings will be commenced correctly and diarised appropriately.

To find out more about the Electronic Bill of costs, or to provide instructions, please feel free to contact us on 01704 504090 or by email sparkin@cost-chambers.com