Detailed Assessment & Provisional Assessment

  • We have a close working relationship with a leading set, as well as the Senior Cost Counsel.
  • We diligently make sure that the file is prepared for court and lodged within a designated time frame.
  • We provide a Comprehensive Brief to Counsel for the purpose of a Detailed Assessment.
  • Our expert advice will always be provided pre and post assessment.
  • We have been instructed to deal with Oral Hearings following a Provisional Assessment, as well as Appeals.
  • When required, we also provide the court with written submissions during the Provisional Assessment process.

Points of Reply & Points of Dispute

  • We preserve our knowledge of current case law to counter argue Points of Dispute.
  • A Pre-Assessment Report will be offered to the instructing fee earner as to the benefits of the paying party’s dispute, as well as a prediction as to the likely outcome. We will always ensure that, when acting in the capacity of paying party, that the Points of Dispute are submitted for approval in advance of the due date, along with a Pre-assessment Report.
  • The receiving party’s Points of Reply will be submitted for approval within the clients expectations.
  • We will always seek Counsels and ATE Insurance in response to any challenges raised by the defendants to any associated disbursements.
  • When acting in the capacity of the receiving party, if no Points of Dispute are made then a Default Cost Certificate will be applied for on your behalf.