Information gathered via our website:
When visiting our website, we collect standard site data such as visitor IP addresses and analytical data such as time of visit, pages visited and referring website. We may also use cookies to store user preferences when required. If users register via our website then member usernames & email will stored on our site server.

How is this data used?
All data collected via our website is treated with the strictest privacy and is never sold, shared, rented or provided to any third parties. From time to time we may send you email information about our services. This information is also used for display advertising campaigns, so in some instances you may see our display adverts online.

Options for site visitors:
On subscribing to our website, you will receive an email with full details on how to unsubscribe from our services. All email marketing also includes a link to directly unsubscribe from our mailing list. You are also able to block cookies via your web browser settings, however this can impact the content you see & some features present in our site.

We use cookies to track analytical data associated with our website. This includes elements like returning visitors, referring web pages and on site behavior, as opposed to personal data. We also collect visitor IP addresses via cookies.

Google Advertising:
We sometimes use google display advertising for Remarketing to users who have visited our website in the past, using the Google Display cookie. Web visitors can opt out of this via the settings for the ad or also the Google Ads privacy policy.